not bad

User Rating: 8 | Sniper Elite V2 X360
I was expecting the whole game to be like the demo, but was pleasantly surprised to be able to play in a variety of scenes outside the city, underground, on high elevation, at night and so forth. This is for people who love real sniping, running and gunning won't get you far! So sit back and relax and plan out your next steps!

The longer I played this game, the more it reminded me of Splinter Cell. You have to avoid being heard and seen by the enemy, what makes every level very challenging! I you don't plan correctly, you will fail! Setting traps and figuring out how to avoid enemy contact is a guilty pleasure!

The only reason I haven't given this game a 10 is because I wished there was a way to shoot out lights and not to be detected so easily when emerged in complete darkness. Other than that, the game is excellent.

Great controls, great atmosphere, great music, great variety in weapons, targets, locations, and ways to complete a mission .

All in all pretty addictive gameplay with definite replay value. There's even a horde mode and co-op gameplay included! A definite add-on to the game collection of every shooter game fan!