Just like the first!

User Rating: 10 | Sniper Elite V2 PC
It is everything and more, better than the first, Multiplayer is fun and exciting with many moments where you just feel like you are on top of it all. Can be very challenging at times, many things you will have to figure out on your own during the campaign. Only complaints is that there are no kicks/bans at all in MP, so if there are TKers then you have to leave or stick through it, and you cannot adjust the range on the scope, you have to use the ticks instead, and there is no character option or model selection for MP, you are just assigined one for the match. Have not finished the campaign but so far it has been very fun. It seems though that MP killcams have been revoked, I don't know for sure if this is true but it is a disappointment, I assumed it was real time otherwise it wouldn't seem like it could be implemented very well, but it is still fun regardless.