well this game gave me too much to think about find out why....

User Rating: 7.5 | Small Arms X360
while i agree with gamespot in most part i also disagree anyway onto the review:

gameplay:the gameplay is good while i agree with gamespot about the whole search for a new weapon i also disgree too it's really not that bad i mean we get a physical attack to use until a new weapon is spotted there's a variaty of weapons and items like food and batteries i dont really see why people think this a good super smash bros. clone it's a good game but it's nota clone it's really different this is like a action shooter game while smash bros. is a fighting game lol either way the gameplay is good not terrible but not great either

music/sound:the music is good but not that great the sound is great you really feel like your actualy shooting/slashing at someone which i like :)

controls:the controls are great and fairly simple for us half casual half hardcore players will like :) you move with the control stick,aim with the .left control stick,jump with A and double jump by pressing A 2 times,X to pick up weapons or physical attack,Y to do a dash(it can be charged),B hmm i think it was for hmm i dont remember maybe guarding i dont really remember right now,LT to use secondary weapon which takes time to recharge,RT to use primary weapon which is alot faster :D,LB and RB i seem to have forgotten them lol

modes:the modes are;mission mode which is like arcade mode in any game,battle mode for x-box live,ofline play alone or wit a friend,training mode to train,score attack i think was the name basically a shooting gallery,challenge mode is like survival mode so survive :P

final thought!:well it's a good game 400 points get it! it's a good game enjoyable alot with friends or online :D also there's 2 new stages and 2 new characters in a downloadable pack i still need to download it but i reccomend getting it too so get this game