Great game a real surprise package in the sandbox genre.

User Rating: 9 | Sleeping Dogs X360

This for me was one of the most enjoyable sandbox games I've played since the gta series it's taken the open world play of gta the racing of need for speed the shooting of stranglehold and uncharted top that off with an assassins creed style of running/climbing/jumping and finally arkham citys fighting ( in a jackie chan kind of way ) it really does make for a great game.

The city is buzzing and beautiful they have really capured hong kong in all it's glory and you become so immersed at times it's as though your actually there living it.

The storyline is also great a sort of hollywood crime movie / police drama series.

This game was a real surprise I had no idea it was coming out and I must say for me it's a real success and possibly my favourite game this year and in my all time top 10.

Buy it now especially if your a fan of any of the above games it will not let you down.