This game is so cute and fun. A breath of fesh air in a world of FPS and realistic looking games.

User Rating: 8.5 | Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure X360
I'm not a kid, past my twenties and i love this game. The idea behind the package was excellent. Very good marketing strategy i would say. The toys look great and the ease of use with the portal, dropping in and out of games, makes it better. Not to mention the ability of the toys to go across platforms-so cool.

I believe there's over 20 hours of story play. The game difficuly is easy at first and it scales up gradually as you go along.There is a little bit of customisation with the skills but not much , just two skill trees to choose from. The pvp battles are quite fun, good for a laugh. :)

I have 6 skylanders at the moment and so far my favourite is trigger happy and stump smash.There are also quite a number of collectibles to be had at each stage, so there is some incentive for replayability. Furthermore some areas are only accessible by certain skylander classes, which means there are definitely areas you have not explored in the first playthrough.

This is a good fun game, the toys are also very detailed and nicely made. They definitely look good on display, you'll feel like collecting all 32 of them. Great job by activision!