Very addictive and humorous.Hard to master at first,but a great game all-around.

User Rating: 9.5 | Skate 2 X360
Skate 2 was to take away a little free-time and boredom from my long days.But after playing a bit ,I found there's something more to the game,addictiveness.Now,I play it at least 5x a week(playing time is usually around 2-6 hours)The one thing you'll need is patience for your fingers to get used to the whacky-yet flexible-controls.Skate 2 uses what they call "hit-sick",meaning you must use the right analog stick to complete virtually every trick on a regular hand-held controller.When mastered,the addictiveness starts.

Skate 2's story-though far-fetched with plot holes-is actually pretty good for a skating game.You start out as a man down on his luck getting out of jail.Your friend who stays with you troughout the game slowly reteaches you how to skate.After that,you go on an insane quest to be the best pro in the world by beating everyone you can find until pros want in on the fun.

Besides complicated controls,the gameplay is relatively fun an addicting.Another thing complicated is the camera angle that barely shows your chest.But this can be solved in the options menu.A huge contribution is The Hall Of Meat.T.H.O.M. is a thing that allows you to get money and bonuses just by bailing amazingly.(an easy feat for a video game)

Online gameplay is actually pretty good.No obvious problems or glitches are there.Plus there's lot's of merchandise for your skater to be won.

Custimization of Character:9/10
In the beginning of the game you go down to a plastic surgeon where you can customize your guy/girl very in-depth.Then, you go to a back alley clothes store where there's some really cool merchandise.As you go through the game you'll buy and earn more&more stuff for your character.