A pretty good game.

User Rating: 8 | Skate 2 X360
Skate 2 is way better than Skate 1.The improvement from Skate 1 is outstanding,you now can get off you board , move objects around , plus much more. the world is much bigger and much more fun to Skate in.

Al-tho I love this game somthing is stopping it from being prime,i don't know what it is but something holds it back.But overall I love this game and im sure you will too.

The story is simple,you got put in jail for doing somthing "it doesn't really tell you why" but while you was in jail a natural disaster happened and changed the looks of every thing,and while you was in jail you lost you're rep and you got to start over.

Game-play is fun and addicting,i love how you can set up you're own little skate spot.This game will keep you coming back for a long time.

They add'd allot of new tricks for you to pull off,witch also makes this game better.

The graphics are pretty good,a inprovement from Skate 1 thats for sure.still has a good bit of glitch's.

Get this game,the controls are perfect,the open world is fun to skate in ,and its just plan fun.

Overall this game is a 8/10 , something is holding it back but im not sure what it is.