Best Wii´s shooter

User Rating: 10 | Tsumi to Batsu: Uchuu no Koukeisha WII
Last year Gamespot praised Dead Space ex as one of the best Wii titles of the year, be aware: it can´t hold a candle for Sin & Punishment 2.
The game is top notch in every aspect, its very well polished (something rare theese days) theres many control options and the action is insane!
If something prevented the original S&P to became a N64 top 5 it was the akward controls, on Wii the game suits like a glove. The concept seems to be made just for teh wii mote. But if your oldschool you can play it with the joystick.
Graphics, sounds, challange.. everything is right here. a MUST BUY!

2010 will be the best year for Wii, the console might yet suprise gamers, despite getting a little old, nothing can beat Hardcore gaming and creativity. The so call HD games are trying to be more like Movies and Nintendo is showing how to make real Games.