Very small size limit. Server errors. Gameplay too shallow. Don't be fooled by this "award-winning" game.

User Rating: 1.5 | SimCity PC
I'm expecting a huge upgrade from the Sim City franchise. And now all I get is a game that can handle only a village?

Anyone who'll be playing this game and rates it higher must have played for only a few hours. The first few hours will be as expected. But as simulation goes on, you'll realize you have no more space to put residential zones anymore because of the VERY SMALL limit. If you have a lot of commercial and industrial zones, chances are you will never be able to put up a large residential community. Curves are great alright but they eat up a lot of space that you won't be able to put up a lot establishments once curves have been set.

I get it that it's online. But no load games? What happens when something goes wrong?

EA may be able to check the statistics that this game has. Only a few public games and a lot of private games played. Because this game is really a single player experience. This is a coerced DRM effort as they cannot think of any other solution possible to resolve this. They focused on their efforts to protect their IP instead of increasing the quality of the gameplay.

Read this blog. This one has the total Sim City 2013 game experience:

That's it EA. I'm done with you.