EA cheating everyone.Dont waste ur money on this DRM based ****.Ask for a Refund while u still can

User Rating: 1 | SimCity PC
EA proving that they just want money.they dont give a **** abt anything what the customer wants.not this game,every game of their is a cheat.But maxis has done a great job with the game.not even crossing the 1 mark for this game just because of DRM ****.Im done with ur cheating EA.u can close and come on the road.i hope u do that.never buying another game of urs.u think u can fight piracy with DRM well guys ur wrong.And as far as ur SPYWARE called Origin goes,sad to say,its a total BS.And when ppl ask for refund u threaten to ban their accounts.who the hell do u think u r.The game has Problems so ppl ask for refund,U reply them with a comment where u act like u dont knw anything abt whats going on.i dont and never will support EA after their dissapointing approach towards customers.I hope this helps u guys eventhough half of it is not concerned abt the game.