Not a Chip on Shoulder Corporately Payed Hate Review to spite EA. I've played now for last two days.

User Rating: 9.5 | SimCity PC
Ok. Yes there is DRM - like half the games I've been playing now for the last year or two. So what. It's the wave of the future for pc games - get used to - it isn't going away nor is the Internet.

Yes - the 1st day or two EA screwed up the launch and the servers are not working like they should. The auto-save feature also makes you totally dependent on working servers. So bad design decision.

But the Simcity game itself? I've played them all, and this one knocks it out of the ballpark. This is the best Simcity ever. Don't let the corporate tools here who are deliberately posting crap reviews to lower the rating fool you - this game delivers the goods.

-The UI is improved and the most intuitive of all Simcity UIs to date.
-The visual data tools are superb. Almost everything you need to know about your city, one click away and is presented in an appealing/enjoyable fashion.
-The Sims are more Simlike than ever. They each now have a routine - that you can even click on to find out what is going on.
-The geography is varied, the city is big enough - the economy is funner than before. The layers of systems as interesting and more varied than before. I give this Simcity a 9.5 - because it is that good.