Sim City 2000 is definetly a game you can burn a lot of hours on.

User Rating: 10 | SimCity 2000 PC
Sim City 2000 is exactly what you would ask for in a mayor/architectual game and an hours burner. At the Main Menu, if you go to New City it will start you off with some cash depending on the difficulty, time of birth of the city(The newer the date, the more inventions will be out). Of course, you'll be in an empty wasteland in which you build a city, you're in charge, choose from a small rural town to a huge city, mountainous or flat, wet or dry, river or coast, etc. The hardest part in this game is without a question to make money after spending quite a bit in the beginning. Begin Scenerio allows you do work with a city already in the midst of a disaster like, earthquake, rioting, pollution, monster, hurricane, flood, etc. Edit Terrain is just like Start A New City except you get to edit the land, river or coast, mountainous or flat, etc. The Urban Renewal Kit allows you to edit buildings and build your city by scratch which can take A LOT of time if you plan on building a city the size of New York City, instead of laying out zones(Which you can also do), you can just put down houses, factories, office buildings, etc. just right that second. Sim City 2000 is without a question worth buying even if you haven't played it. The graphics and sound are a little aged but it was made in 1995 so cut it some slack. Sim City 2000 is definetly the type of game that you will have on your mind when you turn on your computer or decide to pickup a controller, even if you don't want to play it, it's still there, glued to the back of you're mind.

I hope you have the time of you're life playing Sim City 2000, just like I did in the 8 years I have owned it, it is probably one of the first games I have played and I remember cleary my first time playing it and having a blast, I was almost 8 at the time. I am postitive you'll love SIm City 2000, so if you don't have it, buy it. You likely won't have much luck finding it anywhere else but a pawn shop, but if you can find it anywhere, BUY IT!!! It is cheap now probably less than $10, it is pretty old, which could make it easier to find a friend or people pawning it now that they may have a newer Sim City, and for less than $10, you got a steal! I have you liked my review and have fun!