Sim Theme Park allows players to enter "camcorder mode" and walk through the park in first person.

User Rating: 8.8 | Sim Theme Park PC
It's been over five years since Bullfrog released the first amusement park simulation game, Theme Park. Though it was quite a resource hog at the time (high resolution would even bring a mighty 486 DX2-66 to its knees), Theme Park was one of the most fun and innovative games of its time. It put you in control of your very own amusement park, leaving the player in charge of everything from ride placement, staff wages, concession stands, and even a bit of ride design. The game was a godsend for type-A personalities, a triumph of micromanagement. Theme Park allowed you to control even the most miniscule aspects, like the prices of your food and sideshows, the chance of winning sideshows, the amount of ice you put in your drinks, and the amount of salt in the fries. Rides would break down and require repairs, bathrooms had to be placed in the park for your patrons, and when it rained in your park, the costumed entertainers you hired would hand out umbrellas to all the park guests. What detail! Most of all, Theme Park was a showpiece for Bullfrog's signature personality, as evidenced by the humorous and creative rides, the fact that sickened guests would vomit at roller coaster exits, and the general "cuteness" of the art.