It's one of those few games on which I have spent entire days playing. Yes, it's that good. At least for me.

User Rating: 9.6 | Sim Theme Park PC
Sim Theme Park is all about building your own.... yup, you guessed it, ...Theme Park. It's one of those few games on which I have spent entire days playing. Yes, it's that good. At least for me. The whole concept of the game is to acquire the so-called 'Golden Keys' and unlock new theme parks. You can't exactly call them theme parks as they are just a plain strip of land initially with a couple of rides (if you choose the instant action mode. Otherwise, you'll start from scratch). It's upto you to build it into a super park with a variety of rides, refreshment stalls and toilets! You enter the game with just one 'golden key' which you can use to unlock one of two parks available initially (all others are locked) and $50,000. You are given complete control of the park: from deciding an employee's salary to actually setting up the rides. But it isn't as easy as it sounds. Even if the park does well initially, it's graph will decline gradually if you don't add newer and faster rides and keep the park clean. All this requires careful planning and if you are successful, you get a golden ticket from time to time. You can use these golden tickets to buy 'mystery rides' or keep collecting them to get a golden key (requires 3 golden tickets). But there's one guy who I haven't mentioned till now. Your assistant. He's a cute little fellow who will help you sail through the treacherous waters of managing the nitty gritty details of a theme park. He'll tell if a ride is about to break down or if the employee union is about to go on strike (pray it never happens). The best part of STP is its micro-management. You'll love controlling each and every detail of the park. You will be the one who decides whether your park requires 2 burger stalls or 3. You'll decide how much research should go into the making of new rides and stalls. You'll be the one decorating the park with fountains and statues. You'll even decide how much loan to take when you go bankrupt (that's a decision you don't want to take). You can test out the rides yourself and you'll love deciding the price of items on the stalls. I once fixed the price of a burger as $220. It works for some time but not long! The game does have a few flaws though. It doesn't seem to be very stable on any machine and it isn't very compatible with XP. Its graphics are not ground breaking but you can't expect much from a 5 year old game. All in all, Sim Theme Park was and is a great game. What are you waiting for? Go buy it if you haven't already.