The game is too quick to be anything but laughable, not a true Civ game.

User Rating: 4 | Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution X360
I do like the slighly easier worker management system. I kinda like the globe-like feel of the map. It looks nice too. That's about it.

My biggest dislike of this game is simply this: you've barely built a grainery researched a few techs and fought a few battles and suddenly you're out of ancient times and in the medeval ages. No time to build your cities or your armies or build ancient wonders, it's rediculess how quick the stages go by. So just slow down the game's passage of time in the game's options? Well you can't. Simple as that.

This game was dumbed way way way down in scope and breadth, with no options to tweak, and there's no excuse for it. The XBox 360 has at least the power of a typical laptop and laptops can play all the Civ games out there. This game is simpler and more dumbed down than Civilzation I which is over a decade old. There's no excuse for not putting the full Civ experience into this game for those that want it.

It's a rip off for $60, a rip off for more than $10 in my opinion