Shadow is back, with the friends of sonic.

User Rating: 10 | Shadow the Hedgehog PS2
Now i'm a true sonic fan who once collected the sonic magazines, reading all the storys of sonic and in the middle of the comic use to be the mega drive game codes, cheats, and peoples art pictures that they had drawn.

Now i can't remeber what the magazine number was when shadow first kicked in to the sonic comics, but he was more of sonics rival, who would compete and prove to sonic that he was the best and that no one could beat him.

Sonic had to challenge shadow to a long Race, and shadow raced with all his speed that he had and all the power he had, sonic was lossing to shadows fast power speed, so sonic had to use his super sonic powers, and by doing this, shadow could no longer keep up with sonics speed, and there for had to look into cheating and using elements to slow sonic down, but, sonic was use to dodging items and spells, that in the end he won the race.

Shadow did not like this and did turn evil, though he has always never liked others telling him what to do, so he used to go with what he thought was right to him at the time.

If he wanted to kill a good guy, that means he would be helping out the evil forces, but Doctor robotnic never know weither he was going to stay bad or change to good, so he also attacked shadow, and when shadow attacked back, it made him look like a good guy.

So really in the game, it pretty much is the same thing, you have chooses again in the game, you decide what path you take, weither to help the good or the bad, or just go after the emerals.

You can change you mind so many times again and again.
So really the story continues, but if you want to find out more about his history before he was shadow, then you will have to play the game to find out.
Myself, i enjoy this game for what it is, dont really care what other rating say.
Yea there might be silly camera faults or other bits that are annoying, but the game play is fun.
A remarkable game of 2006.
A good year for computer games.