wrong. wrong! WRONG!

User Rating: 8.9 | Shadow the Hedgehog PS2
2005. What a video gamers year! PSP, DS, 360 and other consoles were rocking (apart from the Wii, give that a year) But a game that people SAY is the worst game in 2005, isn't. I t isn't. I'm talking about Shadow the Hedgehog. Ahh, Shadow. You know! That evil black hedeghog from Sonic Adventure 2. Anyway, the grahics are rough around the edges, but are WAY better than Sonic Riders. It is also very, very fast. It's like a darker Sonic Heroes, except you only play as one charcter. Sonic and co. are back! So are those dumb asses known as G.U.N. The downside is no matter if your good or bad, you will get hit. A lot. All in all, unless you play in traffic, this is still Sonic, except with a darker hedgehog. Give him a chance, Gamespot!