This game sucks. Big time.

User Rating: 1.9 | Sega SuperStars PS2
I thought the game would be great. But I was wrong. Sega Superstars delivers the worst gameplay I've ever used. You move your arms to play any of the 12 games included. But most of the time, the game ignores your controls. Even the graphics and sound are not that great. One of the extras included is the camera mode. The game takes a picture of yourself, which is a very rough idea indeed. In the menus, you wave "hi" to the item you want to go into. And here's another con: If someone is watching you play in the same room, it really ruins the game. This frustrating mess of Sega Superstars should ban this game for good. Let's hope Sega doesn't cough up Sega Superstars 2.