This is the kind of fun that Sega can deal with.

User Rating: 7 | Sega SuperStars PS2
In the arcade days, Sega knew fun. In the Genesis days, Sega knew fun. Then there was a lapse. But then in the Dreamcast days, Sega knew fun (just not marketing).

Sega Superstars for the EyeToy shows that Sega still knows fun, when they keep things simple. This is yet another collection of 12 mini-games for the EyeToy, not unlike the "Play" series. Of course this one is full of Sega characters. Let's take a look, one at a time, in order of my most to least favourite.

House of the Dead: Zombies pop up from all around the screen and you have to punch them down. Some zombies take one hit and some take 3. As for the the bosses, you'll have to wait until they show their weak spot before you attack. Don't hit the damsels in distress either. They come at you with a fierce slap in the face if you do. Fast paced, lots of fun, and a great way to let out some frustration.

Nights into Dreams: Arms out, just like Nights herself, and fly around. Collect orbs, and fly through rings. This game is very fun, but very tiring. Not tiring
because of the endurance required (you're not moving around that fast), but tiring because of the stamina required. Holding your arms out and up for that
long isn't as easy as it sounds. Try it. Try right now keeping your arms straight and out to your side for 3 minutes while you slowly raise and lower them (but don't bring them down all the way at any time). The tired arms aside, this game is fun, and I guess there's nothing wrong with a little stamina building is there?

Virtua Fighter: Another fast paced game. You square off against Virtua Fighter fighters, but you can't just wail away on them. Targets will appear that you'll have to hit. Strike 5 in a row for combo damage. Miss a target and the fighter will have a chance to punch back. Keep your arms up and block in the right spots to spare yourself from a beating.

Super Monkey Ball: Arms out again! Control the floor and guide your monkey to the end of the course. Like Nights, this game is fun, and if you wear wrist weights you could get quite the workout.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Guide Sonic down a tube (similar to the bonus stage in Sonic 2), collect rings, collect chaos emeralds, avoid the traps, don't blink for a second!

Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg: Another game that's fun, yet tiring. It's like your actually rolling the giant egg, and can't imagine how poor Billy actually does it. Roll the giant egg over bad guys to squash them, and fruit to collect bonuses.

ChuChu Rocket!: Use your body as a channel to guide the different coloured ChuChus to their respective homes as they pour from the sky and cover you. But don't let the bombs follow them to where they hang their hats.

Virtua Striker: Simply bounce the soccer ball off your head and pop the balloons on the right for high scores. Nothing new here, but somehow an EyeToy mini-game collection wouldn't seem complete witout it.

Puyo Pop Fever: Fast paced and frantic. You have to keep bridges up by shaking your hands over the buttons that raise them. You have to lower the bridges at just the right time so the bad guys fall through (but not the Puyo's you're trying to save).

Samba de Amigo: A different take on EyeToy rhythm games. Instead of just touching the marks on beat it encourages you to shake your hands like you're playing the maracas.

Space Channel 5: Your standard dance/rhytm EyeToy title.

Crazy Taxi: A total waste. This is the WORST mini-game by far on this collection. Basically wave your arms around like crazy and yell. That's it. That's the game.

There you go. Overall it's a fun collection with nice presentation and more visuals then your average EyeToy game. Rated a 7 overall, but some games would deserve an 8.

Games like Sonic, Nights, and others do make you feel like your controlling the character, and games like Virtua Fighter put you right in the game to make you feel like you are the character. The controls overall work well, and only 1 real dud amongst the group. There's not as much innovation as there is a build on existing game mechanics we've seen before, but the differences are noticeable and bring some newness to the experience.

A nice combination and a great addition to anyones EyeToy collection.