User Rating: 10 | Seiken Densetsu 2 SNES
Secret of Mana is my all time favourite game. I have played and beaten the game 5 times and I still haven't got enough of it. This is the only game in my life that has made me cry every time I hear the song when you open the game (when you can hear the dragon screaming). I absolutely loved the storyline. As a true fan of fantasy games this story is, for me, as good as Zelda Ocarina of Time, which was an amazing game as well. The gameplay was great; you actually do something unlike many other RPG’s. The game is at its best when you play it with other people (2 or 3 players) because when playing alone the AI is so stupid that you feel like killing them. It’s the only downfall of the game, but I am still giving it a 10, since it can be played with friends or siblings. Graphics are amazing. And I can’t really say much more about it, all that's left to say is get you're super Nintendo out and play it and if you aren't fortunate enough to have secret of mana on super Nintendo, then get the emulator on computer.