Very fun game. I recommend it to people of all ages!

User Rating: 8 | Scribblenauts DS
This game is very fun and enjoyable. Basically what you do in this game is write a word(s) in a text box and then press the check mark and whatever you wrote will appear in form and your character will be able to use it.

There are many, many different stages in the game and in each one you must complete a task. One of the early and easy stages has six different types of people: A chief, a police man, a doctor, a fireman, etc.

You, as the player, must think of three items that those people use in their professions. So, I gave an axe to the fireman, a badge to the police man and a needle to the doctor.

Another early stage used the same people but you must think of three things those people use in their hands and so on.

The controls do tend to be bad at times and get on my nerves. I was trying to control a plane but it kept "jumping" out of my control. The controls aren't so horrible that the game is unplayable however. It's only annoying at times but definitely nothing that should put you off buying this game!!

I enjoyed myself with this game and it certainly has replay value! There are so many stages, (I believe there's over 200), that you will have to replay the game at least twice before you remember what to do in every single one.

In some of the later stages the tasks get harder and you really must use your imagination to think of some of the things you must type to finish the stage.

I recommend this game to people of all ages as this game is very fun and enjoyable!!