A fun little time waster.

User Rating: 7 | Samba de Amigo WII
Samba de amigo is a fun game that adults and children will enjoy. It is especially fun playing with another person. The aim of the game is to shake the remote at the right time to the music, sounds boring but it is great fun playing with friends. The music is pretty good and it makes you want to dance, its actually quite a good arm work out if you put some effort into it.

You probably wont want to play this game for more the 20mins at a time, it can be painful on the arms if you are not used to the movements but you do get used to it. There are a good selection of songs available to choose from and you can also purchase more if you would like to.

I gave this game 7/10 because it can get repetitive after a while, it is good if you want to waste 20-30 minutes but after that you probably wont touch it again for a while. Overall the music, the graphics and the gameplay are pretty good and i imagine you can pick this game up pretty cheap these days, so if you see it cheap, pick it up and give yourself an arm workout!