Never got to play the original and this is what we get

User Rating: 2.5 | Samba de Amigo WII
This game I had hopes for mainly because I heard so many good things about the Dreamcast version and wow was I wrong


The solid and only pro was the atmosphere was amazing and colorful. It looked amazing even from the opening cutscene


The controls were literally BROKEN like i love rythym games but not when it won't read most of my shakes on easy and normal this isn't as big a problem but when you want to unlock new songs it REQUIRES you to play on hard and super hard. With these controls hard was superhard. I failed out so many times because it wouldn't read most of my shakes AT ALL. This makes the game unplayable on these difficulties

No Replay value: Due to the crappiest controls I've played EVER this will cause most including me never to play this awful piece of ever again

The Downloadable conent is useless it costs the exact same as if you were to buy it for rock band or guitar hero so get it for those. Also the only good songs are those you can get for rock band so get it for that

Overall DO NOT BELEIVE THE HYPE get the Dreamcast version as obscure as it may be if you really want to play samba de amigo. But the developers really screwed up a great chance to resserect a great franchise same with Nights Do not waste your time with this game.