sam and max is still top notch for their humor but the over recycling and shortness of it dampers the game

User Rating: 7.5 | Sam & Max Episode 104: Abe Lincoln Must Die! PC

I have to say Sam and max is eaisly one of the most funny game series you can get. "Abe lincoln must die" is a game you should cheak out. but the only thing that makes the game good is it's humor.

if they decided to not to have Sam and Max be a comical kind of game it would suck. I really hate to say it but the only thing that brings you back is the humor, the game is sorely lacking in gameplay there arent many options and your so limited to where you can go you practicly feel imprissoned to only being able to go to the white house (consisting of the oval room the war room witch you only visit three times and an extreamly small part of the outside grounds.) And the town (consisting of three small buildings.)

but what, for some, is the wosrt part, the game is EXTREAMLY short. I'd like to emphisise on this if you played the whole game without looking for extra funny diolouge and only doing whats required to progress. its posible to beat it in forty-five minuets. Plus there is little replay value unless you want to go hunting for hidden dialoge.

but on a good note (a very good note) Its free.

also this game would understandibly appel to a young kid because of its cartoon-like visuals and loveable charactors. thats great and all but nearly all of the jokes go right over their heads, because many of the jokes are more for adults. I'm not saying that the jokes are innopropriate but are hard for a little kid to understand

all in all it real is a good game mayby im being a bit to hard on it. you still definatly should play it.