Fun, vicious violence for a game but troublesome issues dumb it down

User Rating: 8 | Saints Row 2 PC
I'm rating an 8 for this game and not taking away for my game performance issue of laggy FPS, and hardship for doing timed missions. The good part about this game is that its like a grand theft auto game but with more of an "in your face" feel. Though that might get annoying but this is a video game and its supposed to make you feel like the toughest and strongest ever so it goes along with the ego of the main character. Added funny dialogue is also added in to make all of the characters seem like real people just trying to get along with each other, in a gangster way.

The map of the city you play in is pretty vast in scenery and includes many interesting side missions which are some what mandatory because in order to do missions the respect meter must be filled which is easy enough to do since the first few hours I was so intrigued by the side missions that its all that I was messing around with. If pimping isn't the most interesting mission then maybe driving around in a sewage truck and spraying buildings is more of a leisure suit. Something that has never been done has been added to this game to give it a GTA, but also something extra to make it feel unique compared to other games of its type.

Things can also get annoying eventually like I had with bad FPS rates, but the graphics were just right for this game and didn't cause a lack of fun from playing. Story wise the game had the basic story of rising to the top and along the way factored in: revenge, more revenge, in your face we're the best, kicking ass without questioning what you were doing!

Overall this is a fun game, but very vicious and would be great to recommend to anyone who desires a bloody mess of fun!!!