Could have been so much better... Please read before judging my article...

User Rating: 4 | Saints Row 2 PC
Being a Saints Row 1 fan I was extremely excited for the second part of the game, but this year when they announced a part 2 for PC as well I decided to skip the consoles version and get the superior PC version. Huge mistake! I will explain why in all major categories.

Port Quality: Horrendous is one way you can describe it. The menus don't offer any mouse support at all. Display categories completely leave out 16:10 and 16:9. Drastic frame rate drops(Specs at the bottom) make GTA4 look like a very well polished port. Overall this game should not have been released in it's current condition or maybe a different team actually capable of porting a game to PC should've had the job. Overall I am extremely disappointed in the overall quality of this port.
I'd give the port quality a 5 at best due to the fact that it can be played on older systems despite looking very ps2'ish or even worst.

These graphics would be "decent", but the two graphic options that make the game look "decent" make the game completely unplayable. Dynamic Lighting and Ambient Occlusion make this game look "decent" at best. With those two options on, my solid 30 fps(it's capped at 30 even without v-sync on) drops to an abysmal 5-15fps. With those 2 options off it makes the game look equivalent to Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. The vehicles graphics are decent, but the player models took a nose dive from the first game. I bought this game thinking there would be some sort of visual improvement over the first Saints Row and I was REALLY disappointed. The character models look very dull and the city is completely dead. People are either walking or standing still waiting to be ran over. The physics which I loved in the first game are completely changed with the exception of your own player model. When you ram into cars they go flying 40-50 feet in the air. The car handling is completely changed and despite being very enjoyable in the first Saints Row the driving in this game feels very similar to True Crime Streets of L.A., which even that game was a bit better when it came to car handling. Overall the graphics/physics quality I'd give a 5.

Sounds: Sound was done pretty decently and has some good tracks on the radio and many stations to choose from. The pedestrians/cops say stupid things, but that adds to the like ability factor of this game which it actually did better in the first Saints Row. The Sound gets a solid 7.

Gameplay: The golden question lies here with the main question everyone wants to ask. Well hows the gameplay? The gameplay is the best part this game has to offer. The combat system was done very well from the shooting to the melee. Doing drive-bys is extremely easy and quite enjoyable. The gunplay(mouse and xbox controller) is great and you actually enjoy shooting people and the sensitivity is almost too perfect. There are a few problems which need to be addressed. Shooting through windshields/windows does absolutely nothing to the driver or the passenger, which defeats the purpose of shooting through the windows in the first place. The game also offers many different activities to keep you busy throughout the story. Also without Protect the Pimp(online mode from part 1) the game just doesn't have that online addiction factor Saints Row uno gave me. Overall I'd give gameplay a solid 8.

Replayability: With a solid online mode and with a pretty big city with many things you can do, this game offers many reasons to come back to it if you can get over many of its technical problems.

Closing words: Many of us were hoping for a game which offers us the fun which GTA left out. Many of us hardcore gamers wont experience that unfortunately, but If you do find a way to get pass the technical glitches and the mediocre graphics, AI, and physics there can be an enjoyable experience to be had here. My opinion do yourself a favor and save your money or go buy GTA4. Although GTA4 isn't as fun as GTA:SA and doesn't offer as many fun activities as Saints Row, it's less taxing on the system, offers visuals about 20 times better and offers a good story if you get pass the few stages of absolute boredom towards the middle of the game.