A Neat Running game for all ages.

User Rating: 8.2 | Running High PS
Running High is a super fast speed game which consist of 12 professional runners around the world. Set in the year 2010 a new type of running engine system is created in human machines known as "Speed Runner". When you first play the game you will be able to select 5 different runners. One from Japan, China, America, France, Switzerland and Germany. You can check each runners bio and whats ther speed, grip, etc. The music is incredible as well as the graphics. But the gameplay is very stiff. It is necessary to hit your opponents with the R1 button to slow them down but to slow down, it is pretty hard to handle. There are secret runners which are unlockable using a certain cheat code in the game. Overall Running High is a good game with loads of awesome courses and superb runners.