No Jonah Lomu, that's for sure

User Rating: 5 | Rugby 18 PS4
Gearing up for RWC 19 I was really keen to play a new rugby game. Sadly this is the only one to have been released in the last couple of years, and it's a pretty big disappointment. Back in the day on Playstation 1 Jonah Lomu Rugby was one of the best sports games around, and still no rugby game has come close to emulating its playability. Rugby 18 looks like a PS3 game, and a cheap one at that. Player animation is awful. No one resembles his real life counterpart. The sound and commentary are just as poor. As for the gameplay, I hope you love rucks, because that's what it mostly consists of. Mauls are tedious and frustrating. Passing is inaccurate. Kicks in play are frustrating as they rarely go more than 30 metres. Field goals are near impossible to kick. Goal kicking is okay as far as aiming but the kickers have no power. There's no proper world cup, no Rugby Championship, Six Nations or Super Rugby. Just a few European leagues and a generic international tournament. I love rugby and games based on it, but this is the worst I've experienced by far.