Just 5 more minutes... Rocket league review

User Rating: 10 | Rocket League PC
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When I first heard about this game, I thought the idea of mixing RC cars and football in a video game would be unplayable or very weird. But later in the year I decided to buy it because most of my friend was playing the game at the time and mostly because of the steam sales too.

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So is it any good ?

The general idea :

All the matches takes place in enclose stadiums with differents themes and with different game types. those are the main game types :





And here are the more unique game types :

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-Snow day (hockey(3v3))

-Hoops (basketball(3v3))

-Rumble(A 3v3 match with some random mario cart gadget style)

You can create custom matches with some mutator and ruleset.

Suprisingly the game is incredibly easy to learn but if you want to master the game you will need to invest a lot of time. A match last 5 minutes ,at first it looks very short but however it can get intense very quickly, If at the end of those 5 minutes both orange team and blue team has the same score the game will go on overtime and most of the time that overtime will lead to some memorable moments.

More in detail :

With the ability to jump and double jump ,go faster ,fly ,flip the player can control the ball in many creatif ways ,and it will trigger the player to play as a team and think on how their will try to score a goal. The game offers you a training mode where you can practice your aim or your arials or many other mechanics of the game. The best part about it is you can customise your training or play a custom made training made by the community.

The game has a single player mode called the season ,the mode is mostely made for new players and for playing in offline mode.

The game supports the steam workshop so it allows to create and share custom made cars or maps.

You can choose between 9 cars and you have the option to change many aspect of the car like the color, wheels, ect...At the end of each match you will have the chance to win a item ,those item can be hats ,wheels ,boxes and some item variants.

final thought :

That game is a must have is one of the most addictive and fun game to play and watch! The game graphicly looks good and the game design is well thought. That game is worth your money and your time!