LOL, this is the best they could come up with? EPIC FAIL!

User Rating: 1 | Rock Revolution (w/Drumkit) PS3
No wonder Konami tried to sue Harmonix and get Rock Band recalled. The only way possible for them to sell this POS game would be to have the competition removed from retail. This game is decidedly sub-standard. However many miles Guitar Hero World Tour or Rock Band decide to walk, Rock Revolution walks 10 miles less. "Oh, the competition is using all master recordings? We'll use NO master recordings, and only use crappy cover bands!" "Oh, they have 80 tracks? We'll have 30 tracks!" "They have 4 instruments? We'll have two!"

Basically, this game is like one of those Soviet Russia jokes. "In Rock Band, you get to have fun with the game. But in Rock Revolution, the game has fun with you!" This game has sold about 3,000 copies, and IMO that's 3,000 copies too many. Let's make sure it does not sell any more! This is a freaking peripheral-based rock game, and yet they didn't even make their own guitar peripheral! If you're going to imitate another game, at least have the decency not to leech off your competitors' peripherals.