Rock N Roll Racing is the most superb racing game ever

User Rating: 9.6 | Rock 'N Roll Racing SNES
Alright, normally, I wouldn't want to write about racing games cause those aren't my genre of games, but in this case, I have been taken aback by the spectacular game. The game itself is a blast, not to mention the music with classic music such as Born to be Wild, Highway Star, and others! You can choose from diffrent cars, characters, and you can even buy improvements to your car, this is probably the only video game of it's genre I have ever felt in particular deserves the greatest of chances, it has shown me very little, if any, dissappointment. The graphics are definitly shocking for it's age of video gameing, the music is fantastic, the controls are set quite well, you can set traps to throw your opponents off balance, or even total them! Though at times the game is a bit hard due to the track styles, there are certain tracks I do not like in the game though, not due to their hardness but due to the fact that they can get confusing at times, but I guess that's the only part I don't like about the game, otherwise, it's nothing but awesome. This is also a great multiplayer game, it can go to up to at least 4 players I believe, such a great game should also be shared with your friends and family! Let's show the world how to ROCK!