A very overrated rhythm game. Why is it so bad? Find out...

User Rating: 5 | Rock Band WII
Now I've played many rhythm games before and this one is no comparison to Guitar hero 3. Don't get me wrong, it's better than rock revolution and DDR but at times I just can't stand this game. Anyway lets get on to the actual review.

Lets start with the guitar. I hate using the Rock Band guitar, it's horrible. The strum bar is unresponsive, the frets are huge and that is kinda bad for experts. Worst of all, the strum bar does not click and the click is supposed to help keep in rhythm. Now why does only the Xbox 360 version and such let you use the Guitar hero controller and the Wii version doesn't? That's not fair, I want to use the better controller. This one time I was playing and the blue fret started glitching. On the game the blue fret was flashing making me miss most blue notes and all chords with the blue note in them, gee why not have the strum bar fall off? I tried resetting the guitar a few times and the blue fret on the screen would not stop flashing until finally I turned the game off and on, so it appears to me that the controller gets more broken after a while. Other than all that, there isn't much to guitar.

There is not much I can say about bass sense it's basically guitar but there is one good thing about bass. Bass can get up to a 6 for multiplier and 12 if you use overdrive. That gives bass more of a meaning in the band even though it's not that much of a difference.

Don't even get me started with drums. The drums are extremely unresponsive and they don't bounce which is very frustrating and it makes you tired after playing some harder songs. The foot pedal at times can be unresponsive but that is the part of the drums that makes you tired the most. Worst part of drums is that they break very easily! After a week of playing the foot pedal started to crack, and after a month it finally broke in 2...what a rip-off. Not to mention the drums are loud...very loud, if I'm playing in a band I sometimes have to turn up the volume so I can hear the music over the loud tapping noises from the drums. The drums don't have cymbals which is strange.

Singing was actually kind of enjoyable but it was just too easy. The mic was responsive, but the singer in a band didn't have much of a meaning in the band, it was just for getting a little bit extra points. In the end, I enjoyed singing.

Lastly lets talk about the gameplay. The first thing that bugs me is that the hammer-ons and pull-offs are horrible. Compare them to Guitar Hero 3 hammer-ons. The Guitar Hero 3 hammer-ons are way better. It's so annoying when you're shredding then all of a sudden you miss all because of the hammer-ons. With Drums, Guitar, or Bass you have to hit the notes at the most perfect timing I've ever seen for any rhythm game, and that is just flat out annoying. The graphics are stunning no questions asked, but this just proves that better graphics do not make a better game. The songs that they put in this game go from bad to good, mostly there are just ok songs with very little good songs but when it comes to songs it's all opinion. You can see how many stars you have so far while playing a song which I believe is awesome. The thing about drums is that you can never tell if you are hitting a drum or a cymbal on the game, yellow notes are cymbals some of the time, blue notes are cymbals some of the time, red notes are drums most of the time, green notes are cymbals most of the time but sometimes used as a drum? That's very unrealistic and I don't like it. This game does not have hyper speed and that is a big pain. After I beat the game and got all the songs there wasn't much to do except 5 star every song and get some really high scores, but oh wait! It doesn't even keep track of your scores and that is where I drew the line. If it doesn't keep track of your scores then what is the freaking point! Sure you can play for fun but beating high scores is more fun!

Well that is my review. I bet some of you think I don't play on Expert but I do and I'm very good at all the instruments. After a while I sold this game away and almost everything that came with it. The game is not worth 180 dollars. Having to play with 4 people is fun but not when the gameplay is bad. If you took the time to read all of this review I must say thank you.