The plot is willing but the gameplay is weak, in this fun but clumsy version of the medieval legend.

User Rating: 7 | Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown XBOX
Points for originality: there aren't too many games which let you knock somebody flying in a joust, or sit in a tree and waste passersby with arrows.

However, even unique battle situations can't lift this game out of mediocrity. It turns into a clone of Risk, as you take charge of armies and try to pounce on the forces of rival dukes and princes, building castles, buying supplies for your troops and hoping you'll be able to pass a few seasons in peace before someone exposes the inevitable gaps in your defense. You won't win battles very often, and when you do, it will be a severe drain on your resources. Thus, you will spend hours trying to achieve nothing.

Give me a game where you can reach your objectives, along with the clever plot and decent graphics, and maybe I'll check out the third one. For now, you'd be better off reading the book.