Wow. I always lose, get real angry, close the game, then 5 minutes later I wanna play it again? This is so wierd.

User Rating: 8.6 | Risk II PC
Risk II is a good game, I got it for my birthday. To tell you the truth, I didn't even know how to play the game and the manual wasw to long... eyes i'm lazy. But Risk II taught me to play the game without reading a manual!

The gameplay on Risk II is great, as I said, I always lose and get angry at the game. But for some reason I am aiddcted to the game. While i'm writing this game I wanna play it .... Uh Oh. I ahve the urges to play it... 2 hours later.... I lost!

The graphics on this game are good. Risk for GBA graphics are horrbile. When I first got the game I never knew there would be battle sqenses wheree you right at the country and you battle there. I though It would always stay on the map. Also how the mapped out the world was great!

The sound on this game was awesome! There might have not been no music during the game, but the main page has 4 diffrent musics. Also during the game, there is a person voice that says sutff like "next turn" and such.

The value on this game was awesome! I liked this game alot it was cool and the value is great!

My end to this game is that gameplay was great, but it was hard for more, the graphics were awesome but I would have really prefered if that the world look liked it did from real world space. The sound was good but they should have some music during the game and the value was okay.

I say that for $9.99 this game is great!