A Great game from Piranha Bytes that will Surprise you

User Rating: 10 | Risen PC
Risen is a 3rd person RPG game about a man that got shipwrecked and washed out in a cursed island where suddenly ruins popped out of the ground.Creatures came out of the ruins and are a threat to local people.People start gathering all gold and valuable items out of the ruins.I Will let you find out the rest as you explore this open world game.
It is very similar to the gothic series with minor bugs but with very good graphics engine and realistic sound.It is quite hard even in the easy difficulty but nevertheless it is worth playing.Quest are pretty long and quite hard but i promise you will spend many hours in front of your computer completing all of these quests.While you play with quests and decisions you also choose your alliance.The Good side with the warriors in the swamp or the bad side with the warriors of the order.You also get to choose your fighting style whether you go to the monastery and become a novice mage or a warrior.There are trainers all around the world that will train you with all kinds of weapons such as swords,axes,bows,crossbows and many more.To conclude this game is a perfect in all aspects and its worth a try.Have Fun!