Great Game a Must Have. Cheap as dirt right now to get your hands on it. Two CD set.

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Great Role playing game, create magic potions, constantly upgrade players and level up. Story takes you from a city out to the country side and has a constant changing plot that moves the game through chapters. I would have to say this game is a fairly long one and took about a month to complete depending on how much playing time you put into it. The game allows you to save many different times so you can cover yourself while exploring and not get stuck. Good story line and made you think things out. Tons of different challenges and goals to be reached before moving forward in the game. I must have played this game four or five times through. Every time I had played it through i picked up different things and learned new skills in the game. Trying to find something like it to play but most games like this just don't compete. The game reminds me of an older oblivion game but you play always as James the main character and pick up 3 more characters on the way through your travels. Each character you have the opportunity to upgrade and customize their skills. I would have to say this game is due for a modern version of it to be released.