Good Overall

User Rating: 7.5 | Resonance of Fate PS3
This game was not what I was expecting but that was a good thing. Resonance is as complicated as it is simple. Combat system takes a steep learning curve and alot of trial and error. Progressing through the story is simple. Very linear, each chapter has specific missions some are optional others not. Theres no traditional RPG style party here. There are 3 characters you will play from start to finish. This may turn some off but I was fine with it. Honestly the overall story was too abstract and crazy for me to get into, but where I felt that was weak the actual characters are very interesting and its the little things that really stand out in conversations and dialogue. Alot of it is pretty funny too. Battle system is very stylish and although frustrating at first once you figuere out how to master storing resonance points its alot of fun. Alot of over the top gun play. Honestly one of the most interesting and compelling reasons for me to finish this game had nothing to do with the battle or leveling system. It was actually alot of fun to aquire and customize my characters with different clothing. I was also really impressed that no matter how you changed their appearance it stayed that way for cutsenes as well. I thought that was a nice touch. The sound is also impressive and sounded good with a 5.1 surround. Music is also very good. My only real issue is the length of time it took me for a single play through. 170+ hrs...alot of that came from trying to get certain items from certain enemies in very specific time consuming ways. Not as much fun but necesary for me to get certain weapon upgrades i wanted. I guess thats any RPG but in this case it really gets old fast. Ultimatley I had alot of fun and this was my closing act for JRPG's...itl be a long while if ever I log over 100hrs into a single game again but theres alot less fun ways of waisting time.