Guns aplenty, Nathan Hale takes a journey to destroy the Chimera

User Rating: 9 | Resistance: Fall of Man PS3
In Resistance Fall of Man you play Nathan Hale, and you take on the Chimera head on. You have been infected, and have inherited their regenerative abilities. The setting is in the early 1950's, and you will come across some pretty cool weapons that will allow you to wreak havoc upon your foes. Thank God this is not the 1950's my parents grew up in, as it is a lot more entertaining.

The locales in Resistance are varied enough to carry the campaign to great heights. One of the things I liked was that you have corridors, more open areas, and Insomniac splits this all up in a way where you never get sick of a locale. Some of the most thrilling moments are in the open areas where you get to drive a jeep, or you can have your ally drive, and you take position on the mounted gun. Another treat, and you get just a few brief moments with it when you get to pilot the Stalker. It's basically like a four legged Chimeran tank.

One of the cool weapons you will come across is the Bullseye. The Bullseye lets you shoot a tag bullet onto your enemy, which in turn makes your fire automatically hit the enemy without even aiming at them. The reason I bring up this particular weapon is because it is potentially the most important gun in the game. It comes in handy when you come across large enemies such as Titans, and Angels. If you want to take out a Stalker tank the L209 LAARK works great, and is the games rocket launcher. The Hailstorm is extremely powerful, ricochets, and you need to see it in action. The sniper rifle is pretty damned cool as well, you go down your sight, click L1, and you slow down time allowing you to get super precise with your shots. You also get a Carbine which is fully automatic, and you have standard weapons like the shotgun available.

The aiming controls work great, and my only gripe is you have to click down L3 to aim down the sights, which is kind of a pet peeve for me, but to Insomniac's credit the game was released in 2006 before aiming down the sights was standard in most first person shooters. All other gameplay elements are tight, and there really is not much left to be said. Insomniac crafted great gameplay with this one, and they prove they can make more than just Ratchet and Clank games.

As far as presentations goes, well this is something Insomniac has been a master of for years now, and it shines everywhere you look. This game does not look great in 2013, but in 2006 when it released was an early sign of what the PS3 is capable of, but it does still look good. The story elements are short, and you're not flooded with a lot of icing on your cake. This in some ways is good, but at other times I just cared to blast everything in sight instead of the characters, let alone why I was fighting a war. The voice actors are good though when these scenes pop up, and I enjoyed the chatter from Cartwright who you work side by side with at times. Audio effects are outstanding, and all guns sound like they deliver major impact.

For the most part Insomniac gets everything right. This is a great game to pick up, even all these years later, and leaves very little to complain about. I had no interest in the online, so that is why there is no mention of it in this review. I thoroughly look forward to playing Resistance 2 later down the road, when the time allows it. If you got a PS3, and are looking for a good shooter, then look no further.