Another decent performance by resident evil series

User Rating: 7 | Resident Evil: Revelations X360

This game has all that is there is a resident evil series game and nothing new. however the essence of the series has been maintained in terms of game play, weapons, enemies and backgrounds. The story is as usual a thriller with a few twist and turns which keep the gamers interested. The game backgrounds in setup at different locations such as ships, land, office etc thus offers different location to explore the game. The weapons has always been limited but with the additions and spare parts which one finds in game makes the weapons more advance and lethal all the time. The enemies as usual are the mutants of different type including one which can become invisible but they do keep the players tapping on the triggers and that's all the enemies are for. and also as usual in series the final boss is the most difficult one where one needs to spend a considerable amount of time hitting the right areas of body.

Overall this game has nothing new to offer for the series fan but it does live upto the expectations with usual game play.