Code Veronica is a masterpiece in survival horror and a must play for anyone who loves survival horror games.

User Rating: 9.5 | Resident Evil Code: Veronica X PS2
Resident Evil Code Veronica is maybe one of the biggest entries in the series and possibly the toughest as well but it's a fine and wonderful experience.


The 2nd game to star Claire Redfield who infiltrates an Umbrella Facilty aiming to shut it down but she is captured and taken prison on Rockfort Island. She is however let go when the officer claims there all just gonna die anyway. Claires main aim is to escape the island but doing so it shall be prevented from her by the 2 Ashford twins Alfred and Alexia Ashford. She is however given help by Steve Burnside who was also a prisoner on the island and both want to escape.


The main gameplay follows the same system as prior games in the series pop enemies with guns,puzzles and lots of dark tense moments and plenty that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With this being Resident Evil expect the unexpected in terms of creatures.There's Bandersnatchers,Moths,Hunters and other various experiments that want to make you lunch.

In the game though you will come across various guns like 2 Handguns can be used at the same time,Shotguns,Bows,Grenade Launchers and other various equipment you shall find on your desperate escape. Also about halfway through the game you will get to play as Chris, Claire's brother who is looking to find her and escape too as well as defeating the Ashfords. Also along the way you will encounter bosses as and they are terrfying and amazing.

The faults with the game are few and far between like some sections can be pretty dark and you sometimes might not see what's attacking you.and also it is a hard game maybe the hardest in the series and the PS2 version doesn't really have a difficult setting for either Easy or Normal but overall not much wrong with the gameplay.


The characters don't look have bad but the voices have never been RE strongpoint and as always there are a couple of annoying characters in it like Alfred Ashford and that cocky Steve Burnside but the presentation is dark tense and most of all it is on the edge of your feet stuff.


A big Resident Evil game your looking at maybe 20 hours of playtime to maybe beat the game but there are unlock Battle Games and guns to use again plus you will play it again because it's just so brilliant.

Overall Opinion

One of the best in the series and a must own for sure this is one game you should have in your collection. Resident Evil Code Veronica is one of the best and with plenty of twists and surprises the game will just keep throwing new stuff when you least expect it. A Masterclass in Survival Horror.

Overall Opinion 9.6