The Xbox One port of RE 6 is solid. Better than the original release.

User Rating: 7 | Resident Evil 6 XONE

"Resident Evil 6" is both an entertaining game and a disappointing one. The biggest entry in the franchise, it's also the most polarizing one with most critics dismissing it at launch. This was Capcom's most hated sequel alongside "Devil May Cry 2". The overall consensus was that RE6 was an action game and not a very good one. Capcom slightly improved it with small updates, but this is still a very divisive entry due to it's design. Featuring four campaigns and five difficulty levels, it's a 25+ hour experience with plenty of nosedives through the adventure. In an apparent decision to stay relevant, the game's designers borrowed ideas from many other popular action games.

Throughout the course of the game, players will see the influences of "Gears of War", "Metal Gear Solid", "Uncharted" and even "Battlefield". There are plenty of boring sections that are a slog to play through. But the game was made for two player cooperative play (even four player co-op during boss battles) and that makes it slightly more enjoyable. The best campaign in the game easily belongs to Leon, followed by Ada's. Chris Redfield's levels are a mix of decent and bad, while Jake Muller's chapters are just mediocre. You get the sense that Capcom wanted RE6 to be everything to everybody and it ended up just being a hot mess. Yet, I do love how every campaign intersects at one point or another. And the story is good too.

Graphically, "Resident Evil 6" looks great on the Xbox One. This is the best looking installment in the series by a mile. This port also includes every multiplayer mode, mercenaries map and extra costume ever created. Considering the base game was already packed to the gills with content, this version is a steal at only $20. While RE 6 is constantly listed at the bottom of numbered "Resident Evil" titles, it does provide a lot of dumb fun. But it's definitely an experiment Capcom should never embark on again. Hopefully, Part 7 will return the series back to its former glory. I'd rank this Xbox One remaster with a 7 out of 10.