In Resident Evil 4 (PC), the poorly converted villager/zombie shooter.

User Rating: 6.9 | Resident Evil 4 PC
Straight away when you load up Resident Evil 4 you think "Crap, I could have set my 20 quid on fire instead". You cant change the graphic details other than the resolution and when you change that to the highest setting it turns the game wide screen with 20% of the screen at the top and bottom blacked out. Then there's the controls, you cant aim with the mouse which is a major disadvantage as its harder using w a s d. Finally there is the fact that the game clearly has not been converted to pc properly. During the movie scenes when you have to press multiple keys to dodge something such as a bolder or a boss instead of it saying " space bar + enter" or whatever keys you have set it to, it says "4 + 5" or "3". You think "ok, sounds simple enough 4 & 5", then you press 4 and 5 to find out that nothing happens, thats because CapCom hasn't bothered to change what the movie mode scenes say from the Game cube version. So know you have to repeat the movie scene several times to find out what keys are the right ones to press. This took patience as the first time it happened I had to try different keys for about 15 minutes.

Overall this game has been poorly converted and the only the plus is the sound of the guns, I cant speak for others but I don't buy a game based on its sound quality.