A great preview of what is to come, Red Steel is a great game that introduces you to what FPS games on the Wii will be

User Rating: 8 | Red Steel WII
The Wii came out, and I snagged this at the Wii Launch, along with Zelda. Naturally I am just getting to it, and despite the bad hype by Gamespot I have to say I am enjoying this game a lot.

Maybe I'm just getting old but I think we are in an age of graphically great games. I'm pretty simple and don't own a fancy TV, an HD or a plasma screen but I still think Red Steel looks pretty good.

The gameplay is solid, but it takes a lot of getting used to. This will be the same for any Wii First Person Shooter though, because the control scheme is all new and revolutionary. Everyone playing this game will have to get used to it. However, once you do, the game is a lot of fun. The controls will come second nature to you. You may not be diving across your living room like the people in the commercials, but you will be playing a fairly immersive game.

The story of the game is its weakest aspect. For the most part the reason for this is AWFUL voice acting. It does set the tone and the context for the gameplay though, which is straightforward. The levels are really well done with lots of challenges and a nice assortment of guns to help get the job done.

The sword fights are fun too. They aren't as cool as I thought they would originally be but they are still enjoyable experiences, whether they are end level bosses or mid-level breaks. Some of the "special moves," or "katas" you learn are impractical and useless but otherwise the sword fighting is well done.

Multiplayer looks to be fun, though I think it appeals more to people who own the game, as it would be really hard for a newer player to pick it up. It's only the shooting and not the sword fighting but that's ok.

The only other dissappointment would be the lack of online multiplayer, which is surprising for a game made by Ubisoft, known well for their Splinter Cell franchise and the unique multiplayer presented in that series. However this complaint would not be directed at that company as much as at Nintendo. This type of service should be integrated and in place, especially as they enter the next-gen market. They can do it with the DS and they should be doing it with the Wii, now.

Overall those complaints are fairly petty and Red Steel has solid gameplay that most gamers should enjoy. It uses a solid control scheme which will undoubtably be built on in future FPS games.