Some good breaking, smashing, exploding, crashing action

User Rating: 8.5 | Red Faction: Guerrilla PC
I started this game not expecting much really, after having played redfaction many times over then being disappointed in RF2.

But after the first swing of that sledge hammer the physics had my jaw dropping, even though the thought ran through my mind that a wall of concrete that thick wouldn't budge from just a sledge hammer those thoughts quickly disappeared as I sunk deeper and deeper into the mind numbing goodness that is blowing **** up.

The story seems to serve one purpose; to get you from being a humble miner on mars to a guerrilla hero in as few steps as possible. And it works.

The engine itself is pretty nice, the graphics are amazing on high, the physics are fun although not necessarily realistic, the sound is good, nothing really sounds out of place although there are several sound effects you will be hearing a lot.

The game-play is setup like a sandbox game with tons of side missions, which add extra stuff to do (after you have completed the campaign you can continue playing) but they don't really have any incentives for completing them.

The scrap mechanic is a nice addition to the game; once an EDF structure or vehicle has been damaged it drops scrap which can be collected and exchanged for new weapons or upgrades.

Towards the end of the game things get a little tedious, running around in circles with the dodgy handling on the vehicles can be a pain but hey, you are always rewarded with stuff to smash so its always worth it. Some of the weapons you get towards the end are great fun and you will be wanting some big targets to test them out on.

Overall good game, feels well rounded with room for improvement.