What a great game. If you like action and guns, this is for you.

User Rating: 9.2 | Red Dead Revolver PS2
This game is awesome, it all takes place in the old western days and everything is authentic. It has old fashioned weapons, towns, accents, clothes, there is no detail left out. It has a great single player mode and an even better multi player. There are tons of un-lockables and a rating system to compete with. The rating system determines how accurate you were, how fast you complete your mission, how many kills, and combos you get with hitting enemies with multiple bullets. You un-lock levels and characters this way or you can go through the game and buy them with the money you've collect for killing bounties. You will be working for a sheriff most of the game while collecting on bounties and un-raveling your past. You will run into other characters that you get to use for certain missions all while telling a great story. If you're into high paced fast action games with a lot bullets flying around, pick this game up right away. It has an easy control system and some really challenging missions that might make you mad, but all worth it once you finally beat them. So what are you waiting for ? Go now.