Good game but gets repetitive and annoying

User Rating: 7 | Agarest Senki Zero: Dawn of War X360
I started the game , played for 20 hours and thought that this game was a 9.0 kind of game. as I played more , and especially in dungeons , the game got repetitive , annoying and very boring . same battles , same monsters , same strategy , every just keeps repeating itself over and over again.

this is fine , yet some dungeons have more than 20 areas to fight in. and the most annoying thing about it , is that even if you finish all the dungeon and fought all the battles on it , you will not get any kind of reward.

it's sad . and more sad that Aksys added some very overpowered items in the store to buy that will make the game very easy to play and finish.

most items are cheap yet some of them are expensive , you might have to spend the same price you spent on the game if you want to cheat and buy those items. yet this is a cheap and noob way to play games.

Tales of Vesperia had some items on store to buy , but they were nothing of significance, mostly starters items, nothing rare at all.

I started the game with a 8.0 score , yet now I can't think of more than 7.0 , probably less , but not more.