It's a game that Xbox owners MUST have!!!

User Rating: 9.7 | RalliSport Challenge XBOX
Excllent gameplay. Never have I played such an amazing rally game. It's the best rally game ever!! It feels great to control the car. It isn't hard. The first time I played the game I really got used to the driving. It's pretty simple. An easy game to win.

The graphics are PERFECT! This game is pretty old, which makes me think: "Why do some of the newer games on Xbox have much worse graphics?" Anyway, the graphics of the road are exactly like the graphics of real roads! The graphics of the cars are superb! Nothing is wrong with the graphics.

The only small problem is the sound. How the co-driver says the directions is pretty weird, but that doesn't stop the game from being so enjoyable!

The game is long to me, but you'd want to keep playing it. Anyone with an Xbox must have this game!!!