The 7.0 score does not do it justice. Very original, highly addictive multiplayer gameplay is the essence of RUSE.

User Rating: 9 | R.U.S.E. PC
Been playing since the open Beta, and I am very hooked. Game has absolutely amazing multiplayer gameplay, with so many strategies for victory and yet really good balance.

There is the tank buildup, the air domination, the infantry and anti-tank gun swarm, the long-range artillery rain of fire - I actually quite enjoy playing people and trying to figure out during the early stages what strategy they're using and looking to counter it.

There is no 'killer strategy' - actually the only thing that seems to work consistently is a well balanced build out - a bit of everything. This game is not a clickfest like Starcraft II, it's more resembling CoH but on an even grander scale.

RUSEs themselves have been improved since beta, I actually find quite a few of them useful now - fanaticism / terror / spy / blitz / comouflage are amongst my favourite.

Multiplayer can give amazing moments of satisfaction. Snatching victory from jaws of defeat - a few infantry sneaking in radio silence all the way behind enemy lines and capturing an infantry base, immediately spamming like 10 more infantry wreaking havoc on the baseand turning a tide of a battle is as adrenaline generating as anything I've ever played. Needless to say, being pounded to crap by long range artillery which is protected with tanks / anti air and just never being able to assemble enough of a force to break through and take them out is as frustrating as it gets.

They should have just skipped campaign alltogether and released multiplayer only, campaign truly sucks. But the 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 action is unbelievably rewarding. And even when an ally drops, you get his base & resources, and you can often win 1v2 the resulting game, unless he really ran his side into the ground.

To sum up, the game doesn't deserve 7.0 score, it's at very least an 8.0, and I give it 9.0 just for the sheer fun of it.