Unlike Daniel Craig, this game does not fit well with the Bond series.

User Rating: 4.5 | 007: Quantum of Solace X360
I did not like this game. Being a huge Bond fan, I thought I would love it, but I felt almost betrayed by the franchise. First off, the game is super linear. This leaves no room for any creative kills, and really sucks the fun out of the gameplay. On top of that, the kills aren't satisfying, the levels are unoriginal, and the graphics are subpar. The addition of third person view seemed like it would be cool, but I think it detracts from the feeling of the game. Going up for close kills is not as awesome as it should be.

While Goldeneye was ahead of its time, and was so fun that many people (including myself) still play it today, QOS seems behind its time, almost as if it was rushed to coincide with the movie release. The only perks of QOS is that it was $5 and a part of the Bond series. If you are a huge Bond fan, go ahead and buy it for your collection, just don't expect much.