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User Rating: 9 | Quake 4 PC

When iD software lauched DOOM3, i've always thought that the next quake, would be the same, amazing and innovate, way of FPS game.. The Innovation, the atmosphere and the drama have been improved by the iD, as the IA itself..

Story and the SP (Single Player):

The story haven't change a bit since III, and we once again battle agaist the Strogg, but this time, the strogg are much fasters, more accurates, more intellegent and so whatever, and with that improvement, the action, the scenes and the battles are more enjoyable..
Has long as the campain continues, we are going to find more spooky and intense, because it inst only ground battles, but also vehicles. Particular referense to the moment when we must escort a cargo, to invasion on a strogg hold and protect it with the marines..

As the story in quake 4 continues, the player is going to gain acess to bigger and better weapon and also improves to the old ones.. by the team mates, without any cost..

The bosses that are found are not actually the most hard to KO, with the right gun, but the gory that can be seen in the scenarios change the prespective of the player to have "fear" of them. Good action movements by the boss..

With some awsome bloody and gory scenes and scenarios, the player can see thought the game why its rated over 18, but is one special scene that make all quake 4 so gory thought all the game. The Transformation of a human into .. a strogg...

So i have no problems to say that DOOM3 has gone and Quake 4 came and have improve its errors into a awsome game..

MP (MultiPlayer): The multiplayer is quite simple just like doom, just stop by and shot everything you can see thought all the darkness and the blood...

Pros: Improved all DOOM3 errors and make it self a simple awsome game.
Improvement os the equipment by the team.
We no longer have to fight against enemies alone.
Awsome gory Scenes.

Cons: Boring MP.
Needed more deversification on weapons.

I hoped you've liked to read..
Cumpz and regrets..

Tiago "Paperkut" Pires